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Hochgebirgsklinik Davos


The Hochgebirgsklinik and Davos as a therapy center look back on a long history. Already more than 100 years ago, patients came to Davos to benefit from the unique climate. The air is not only particularly dry and pure, but also low in allergens, microbes and pollutants: there are hardly any house dust mites, molds or pollen. This is a unique condition that, along with good treatments, contributes to recovery.

Today, Hochgebirgsklinik Davos (a subsidiary of the Kühne Foundation since 2017) is one of the leading Swiss rehabilitation clinics in the fields of cardiology, pneumology, dermatology, allergology and psychosomatics for adults, adolescents and children. Each treatment and therapy is focused on the personalized needs of the patients, who thus receive optimal treatment. The interdisciplinary networking of academic  research, education and treatment  in the Hochgebirgsklinik and on the Davos Medicine Campus makes the latest knowledge directly available to patients.

With its approximately 300 employees, its competent team of doctors and nurses, the wide range of medical and therapeutic services, the new treatment and restaurant facilities, as well as the mountain climate in Davos, the clinic is a very special place for rehabilitation and recovery. In 2022, the clinic cared for an average of 146 patients.

Hochgebirgsklinik Davos is a member of SW!SS REHA, the association of leading rehabilitation clinics in Switzerland. This means that the clinic meets the high requirements in terms of the professional quality of its staff, infrastructure (medical and hotel) and the  quality of interdisciplinary cooperation. Since 2022, it has also been on the provisional hospital list of the Canton of Zurich with a service mandate for cardiac rehabilitation. The clinic is one of only two rehabilitation clinics outside the canton to be included in the hospital list. The clinic also placed 2nd in the 2022 prize for the best specialist rehabilitation clinics in Switzerland (awarded by the Handelszeitung).

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