Kühne Foundation


The Kühne Foundation owes its financial strength to the success of one of the world's largest logistics companies, the Kühne + Nagel Group. It should never lose sight of these roots and the associated responsibility. The Kühne Foundation focuses on four priorities:

The non-profit Kühne Foundation was established by the Kühne family in the year 1976 in Switzerland. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the execution of its duties. The Kühne Foundation should not be influenced by third parties. Its own assets form its economic base, along with the earning power and assets of the Kühne Holding AG.

With headquarters in Switzerland, the Kühne Foundation's programmes and projects are devoted to the idea of living in a globally networked world and crossing boundaries. Almost all funding projects are therefore of an international nature.

Creative Foundation
The Kühne Foundation mainly works as an operative foundation. It pursues its goals less by promoting third parties; instead primarily initiating, steering and implementing its own projects and programmes, sometimes with partner organisations. This approach is particularly important in its two major funding areas, logistics and medicine. The Kühne Foundation deploys lean structures to manage its projects in a creative and sustainable manner, while keeping a close eye on costs and budget.

The Kühne Foundation strives for excellence in all its projects. It is important for it to focus on the desired outcome of its operational programmes and to work in a highly efficient manner. Among other things, this means defining targets for projects and funding lines, as well as monitoring the results and effects. This approach also serves to continuously develop the programmes and select new projects.

According to the Foundation Charter, the Kühne Foundation has defined its key interests and priorities that will receive economically secured long-term funding:

The Kühne Foundation is convinced that logistics and logistics expertise as well as free trade support global economic and social development. 

The Kühne Foundation is convinced that personalised medicine provides significant innovative impetus for therapy and prevention. It therefore specifically funds projects that are committed to this approach.

In particular, the Kühne Foundation funds outstanding classical music projects in collaboration with a number of European festivals, opera houses and concert halls. Since 2019 the Kühne Foundation belongs to the main sponsors of the Salzburg Festival, since 2020 to those of the  Lucerne Festival.

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