Kühne Foundation



The non-profit Kühne Foundation was established by the Kühne family in 1976 in Switzerland. The Kühne Foundation owes its financial strength to the success of one of the world's largest logistics companies, the Kühne+Nagel Group. It is permanently aware of these roots and the responsibility that goes with them. Thanks to its own assets combined with the earning power and assets of Kühne Holding AG, the Kühne Foundation is able to act independently from the influence of third parties.

How we work 

The Kühne Foundation sees itself as a Swiss foundation with German roots and a global orientation. It mainly works as an operational foundation and pursues its goals less by promoting third parties; instead by primarily initiating, steering and implementing its own projects and programs, sometimes together with partners. This approach is particularly important in the three major areas of logistics, climate action and medicine. Its projects are characterized by a high degree of practical application. The Kühne Foundation manages its projects with a creative and a long term approach, as well as with a high degree of cost awareness and budget discipline in lean structures.


In accordance with the foundation charter, the Kühne Foundation has defined a number of focus areas that are intended to extend over a long period of time and are economically secure:


Logistics and logistics expertise strengthen global economic and social development. That is why the Kühne Foundations enable education and research in logistics worldwide.


Individualized medicine provides significant innovative impetus for therapy and prevention. The Kühne Foundation therefore specifically supports projects in the field of non-communicable diseases that are committed to this approach.

Climate Action

Combating climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the coming decades. In the climate focus area, the foundation develops and implements innovative ideas on how the transport and logistics sector can support climate-friendly and sustainable development at a global and local level.


The Kühne Foundation particularly supports excellent classical music projects in collaboration with a number of renowned festivals, opera houses and concert halls in Europe.

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