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Davos BioSciences


Davos BioSciences AG (DBS) is a non-profit spin-off from CK-CARE and supports pharmaceutical companies in the development of medicines. DBS also operates CK-CARE's biobank and is certified for this activity. DBS can access the extensive data and samples for projects with the research-based pharmaceutical industry. This means that central questions can be answered quickly and flexibly in every phase of preclinical and clinical drug development, in the development, validation and regulatory qualification of diagnostic tests and in clinical studies. At present, the main area of expertise is atopic dermatitis and other allergic diseases and disorders of the immune system.

DBS offers expertise in the management of biobanks, laboratory services and contract research projects. It supports pharmaceutical companies in the discovery and development of therapeutic approaches and biomarkers and validates new biomarkers and drugs as part of the approval process. Since its inception in 2019, DBS has completed five projects, four projects are in progress and one major project is under negotiation. The CK-CARE biobank managed by DBS contains 2,696 patients (as of December 2023), of whom skin swabs are available from 97%, blood from 85% and skin biopsies from 16%.

The proceeds from DBS flow into the research activities of CK-CARE.

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