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Climate Center

The Climate Center started operations in 2023. It develops and implements logistics-oriented solutions that reduce emissions, remove CO2 from the atmosphere, strengthen climate resilience and thus drive the transition to a just, low-carbon society. By 2025, the Center aims to be an established and respected part of the global climate philanthropy community working towards climate-friendly international trade and sustainable low-carbon development. 

The Center’s work is divided into three interconnected work areas:

1. Examining and discussing how the transport and logistics sector needs to adapt and develop new capabilities to support a future low-carbon economy and accelerate the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon society. 

2. Applying expertise in pragmatic climate change projects, such as sustainable refrigerated containers, green freight transport in East Africa, supply chain resilience and the logistics of carbon dioxide removal. 

3. Building skills and expertise in low- and middle-income countries for the green transformation, through vocational training, university courses, and research partnerships. 

You will find further information on our projects on our LinkedIn Climate Center page.

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