Kühne Foundation

Medicine Campus Davos

The Kühne Foundation runs several medical programs on the grounds of the Medicine Campus in Davos. There, CK-CARE AG (Christine Kühne - Center for Allergy Research and Education), HGK (Hochgebirgsklinik) Davos, Cardio-CARE AG, Davos BioSciences AG, and the independent SIAF (Swiss Institute for Allergy and Asthma Research) work closely together, combine therapy, research, and education in the fields of allergy and cardiovascular diseases. The Kühne Foundation manages its programs in Davos through the non-profit umbrella company Medicine Campus Davos AG to create an efficient center for interdisciplinary cooperation. The focus is particularly on translational scientific approaches geared towards immediate benefits for patients ("from bench to bedside & from bedside to bench"). With precision medicine, new treatment approaches are developed that are individually tailored for each patient. These research approaches are based on data from large patient registries linked to biobanks, whose information is evaluated using sophisticated methods of data analysis and artificial intelligence.


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