Kühne Foundation

Competence Centre International Logistics Networks at the Logistics Department of the Technical University of Berlin


Since 2005, the Kühne Foundation has been supporting the International Logistics Networks Competence Centre (ILNET) at the Technical University of Berlin under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ing. Frank Straube. With its practice-oriented research approach, ILNET investigates current trends and strategies in international logistics networks. While at the beginning of the funding, the focus was primarily on the management of dynamics in European-Chinese logistics networks, for some years now, research has focused more on ways to improve logistics performance in sub-Saharan Africa. To this end, the ILNET works closely with African universities funded by the Kühne Foundation (including Addis Ababa University and the University of Rwanda), the KLU and a network of industrial partners. In addition, ILNET funding is an important basis for acquiring further research projects with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa.

The interaction between science and industry results in dissertations and habilitations, scientifically sound, practical products (e.g. a tool for the holistic measurement of volatility causes in logistics networks or logistics performance benchmarks), case studies for education and training, co-working seminars for students and much more.

Degree theses in 2020
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