Kühne Foundation

Competence Centre International Logistics Networks at the Logistics Department of the Technical University of Berlin


The role of logistics in globally networked value creation systems is constantly increasing. The Kühne Foundation has been funding the International Logistics Networks Competence Center (ILNET, headed by Prof. Frank Straube) at the TU Berlin since 2005 to support research and the further development of education and training in the context of international logistics. ILNET examines trends and strategies in international logistics networks, the management of risks and volatility as well as logistical challenges and practical solutions in sub-Saharan Africa. To this end, ILNET works closely with the African universities sponsored by the Kühne Foundation (including Addis Ababa University and the University of Rwanda), the Kühne Logistics University and a network of industry partners, institutions and associations. This has also made it possible to acquire further research projects with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa, funded by the DAAD, among others.

The interaction between science and industry results in dissertations and habilitations, case studies for training and further education, co-working seminars for students and much more. The content generated is also integrated into a logistics planning tool developed at ILNET, the TUB Logistics Navigator (https://navigator.logistik.tu-berlin.de). This supports the strategic planning of logistics networks and also provides training and further education content as well as case studies. ILNET is also expanding a pan-African research cluster with the help of the Kühne Foundation's LEARN program in order to facilitate a structured exchange of knowledge between universities and to initiate joint, cross-national research work to strengthen logistics performance in sub-Saharan Africa.

Degree theses in 2020
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