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The need for speed: Ad-hoc supply chains in the COVID-19 crisis
When the COVID-19 pandemic reached Germany, it became clear that established global supply chains for medical supplies couldn’t keep up with the growing demand. In response, numerous companies decided to locally produce masks or disinfectants, ramping-up production virtually overnight.
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Third-party funding in million euros (approx.) in 2020

The Kühne Logistics University (KLU) was founded in 2010 as a private university in Hamburg with the intention of becoming a global centre of learning. The university is the flagship project of the Kühne Foundation in the field of logistics. Its prominent location in Hamburg HafenCity reflects KLU's allegiance to the city of Hamburg and its cosmopolitan character that attracts students, lecturers and staff from around the world. Since 2010 KLU has pursued the objectives of its Founder, Klaus-Michael Kühne, and set itself the task of being heavily involved in the professionalisation of the logistics industry and its sustainable development. It also aims to draw attention to the considerable importance of logistics for the global economy, while striving to highlight the significance of logistics as a management function. Its courses and further education programmes therefore focus on the close connection between logistics and leadership.

PhDs in 2020
KLU Executive Education days in 2020

Kühne Logistics University (KLU) is an internationally renowned faculty with the right to confer PhD degrees and proven practical orientation. In terms of research and teaching, digital transformation, sustainability and innovative value creation are the key competence areas in the disciplines of transport, global logistics and supply chain management. One Bachelor and three Master courses, a structured Doctoral programme and a parttime MBA provide excellent study conditions and perspectives for about 400 students from 60 nations. An international team of 23 professors conduct teaching in English at its modern campus in Hamburg HafenCity. Management seminars for specialists and executives complete the syllabus.

Bachelor's graduates in 2020
Master's graduates in 2020

A structured PhD programme and management seminars for specialists and executives complete the syllabus. Kühne Logistics University boasts outstanding research and excellent teaching. Key areas of competence are Digital Transformation, Value Creation and Sustainability in transport, global logistics and supply chain management.

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