Kühne Foundation
  • LEED Program

„Thanks to the LEED Program by Kühne Foundation, I was eligible to study in the newly designed undergraduate degree in Logistics and Supply chain management at Mekelle University in Ethiopia. As top-graduating student I was awarded a scholarship for an abroad master program at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK. I am currently in the final weeks of my postgraduate degree, and benefited tremendously from the opportunities offered by Kühne-Foundation.

Their support for the education system related to the logistics sector in Africa is very comprehensive, of high quality, and long lasting. I am delighted to have obtained an education at international standard, and I am really looking forward to drive progress and change in logistics in my home country as a graduate and logistics professional very soon.”
Mrs. Birknesh Fikadu
(BSc 2019, Mekelle University, Ethiopia)
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