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The need for speed: Ad-hoc supply chains in the COVID-19 crisis
When the COVID-19 pandemic reached Germany, it became clear that established global supply chains for medical supplies couldn’t keep up with the growing demand. In response, numerous companies decided to locally produce masks or disinfectants, ramping-up production virtually overnight.
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The Kühne Foundation is convinced that logistics and logistics expertise support global economic and social development.

Logistics forms the backbone of the modern economy and lays the foundation for international trade and exchange. The Kühne Foundation links research institutions working on new developments, and supports training and further education for managers who take on new challenges. Furthermore, the Kühne Foundation is involved in the field of humanitarian logistics and supports with its subsidiary, HELP Logistics AG, humanitarian organisations in the implementation of efficient humanitarian responses. The Kühne Foundation’s Education Programme contributes to the extension of logistics competence in emerging countries.

“Logistics processes are crucial for the division of labour in the modern world. Mastering these processes is a core competence.”
Klaus-Michael Kühne
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