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Curricula Development
LEED will support university partners with the revision and/or fresh development of curricula for degree programs related to logistics and supply chain management. Our global team has international as well as local higher education expertise for under- and postgraduate programs incl. doctorate level.

We will ensure the latest international standards for teaching themes and module structure. In order to connect to the global network of higher education, we will further look into credit structures and offer alignment with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), for example. Nationally accredited degrees will therefore be eligible to be fully acknowledged abroad.

PhD Support Program
A key sustainability component of the LEED program is the increase of PhD holders in logistics and supply chain management throughout our supported universities. The key purposes relate to the capabilities of supervising future PhD candidates with own faculty resources and thereby reduce the dependency from external expertise. It is also related to the increase of capacities to conduct high quality research and lead to an increased number of academic publications.

Enrolled doctorate candidates will be provided an international co-supervisor for the period of their dissertation period. Our global network of renowned academics in the LSCM discipline will ensure high quality standard PhD thesis and help the doctorate students to become integrated into the international network of logistics academics.


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