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Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023 is now available online

For the Kühne Foundation, the year 2023 was characterized by strategic development and growth. Our activities were significantly expanded, particularly in the area of logistics. In addition, the new focus area of climate action was established, and the first projects were launched. Today, the foundation is one of Europe's largest foundations, with an annual budget  of CHF 40 million and over 500 employees.

The Kühne Logistics University (KLU) in Hamburg is the flagship of our logistics activities. Since its establishment in 2010, KLU has developed into an internationally renowned university and is characterized by practice-oriented research and teaching. In 2023, 147 students were able to successfully complete their studies. Under the leadership of the new university management, the university intends to grow further and expand its international presence with its own locations in Asia and South America.

Logistics expertise is an important lever for economic development. With our LEARN Logistics program, we therefore strengthen universities in Africa and develop study programs in logistics and supply chain management at an international level. LEARN currently offers its support in six African countries, at 14 universities and in 39 study programs. Around 10,000 students took part in the local programs in 2023.

HELP Logistics, our subsidiary in humanitarian logistics, is experiencing a steadily growing demand for advice and training to improve logistics processes in disaster relief worldwide. In 2023, HELP implemented 64 projects in 30 countries, focusing on hard-to-reach places in Malawi, Chad and Mongolia, among others. As a central part of their work, the HELP team trains more than 5,000 professionals annually, improving disaster relief worldwide.

At the Medicine Campus Davos, the Kühne Foundation enables extensive research programs under the guiding principle of "Personalized Medicine" in allergology and cardiology. The Christine Kühne - Center for Allergy Research and Education (CK-CARE), is dedicated to allergy research and treatment. With an extensive biobank and database, new insights into allergy diseases are gained, which can be used for the individual treatment of those affected. With the Cardio-CARE program, the Kühne Foundation is supporting the largest research program to date for decoding genetic material in the German-speaking world. The aim is to gain a better understanding of cardiovascular diseases and develop new diagnostic and therapeutic options. In order to further strengthen the research activities of CK-CARE and Cardio-CARE, a second research building is currently being constructed on the Davos campus. At the same time, the Kühne Foundation operates the Hochgebirgsklinik (HGK) on the campus, one of Switzerland's leading rehabilitation facilities for cardiology, allergology, dermatology, pneumology and psychosomatics

In the new area of climate action, the first projects were initiated in 2023 to decouple prosperity growth from greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy - particularly in Africa. To this end, the foundation is contributing its logistics expertise in the implementation of projects for CO2 reduction, CO2 removal and climate adaptation and is promoting expertise in the field of "green logistics". It also develops innovative ideas on how the transport and logistics sector can promote environmentally friendly and sustainable development at a global and local level.

In the cultural sector, the Kühne Foundation primarily supports classical music projects in cooperation with leading festivals, opera houses and concert halls in Europe. Its position as a long-standing sponsor of the Salzburg Festival was expanded and extended until 2027. The Foundation is also main sponsor of the Lucerne Festival and principal sponsor of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg, whose sponsorship it has also extended until 2026. It intends to increase its support for the Zurich Opera House and promotes regional cultural projects in the canton of Schwyz. The Goldau Landslide Museum, for example, was established thanks to a significant from the Kühne Foundation.

You can find more information about our activities in 2023 in our annual report: https://www.kuehne-stiftung.org/publications

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