• HELP Logistics
    Humanitarian & Sustainable Development

HELP Logistics AG was registered in 2014 as a non-profit organisation in Schindellegi, Switzerland. Since 2016, HELP has three regional offices in Singapore (Asia), Amman (Middle East) and Nairobi (East Africa) with dedicated full-time supply chain and logistics experts. A new office opened in Dakar (West Afrika) 2019.

With a clear focus on logistics and supply chain management, HELP’s ambition is to support humanitarian organisations and the economic development in emerging countries. HELP strives to make humanitarian responses more efficient (to save costs) and more effective (to save time) through analysing and optimising supply chains to enhance procurement, transportation, storage and distribution of relief commodities.

By enhancing university programmes, providing competency-based training HELP supports the sustainable development of local labour markets in emerging countries in the fields of supply chain and logistics. Furthermore, HELP fosters inter-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge transfer through networks of organisations and institutions across governments, academic, donors, commercial and the humanitarian sector.


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