Kühne Foundation

Degree Program

Field Trips
LEED strongly believes in practical components as part of an excellent degree program. It therefore organizationally and financially supports field trips at under- and postgraduate level. Field trips might comprise excursions to LSCM facilities such as airports, sea- and dry-ports, logistics centers, and inter-modal terminals, for example.

National and International Guest Lecturers
LEED uses its network of LSCM academics and practitioners to offer guest lecturers to students as well as faculty members. We enable international speakers, and support the arrangement of local professionals to deliver single guest lectures or get involved in a more frequent approach, e.g. as regular co-lecturer for certain modules.

International Summer School
Annually, LEED offers a limited number of full scholarships for an international Student Summer School at Kühne-Logistics-University (KLU) in Hamburg, Germany. Selected students from support universities will gain the opportunity to experience a two-week abroad course with an international audience and high-level learning.


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