Kühne Foundation
  • Education Emerging Countries

The Kühne Foundation considers logistics competence belonging to the triggers for economic development. While the offerings of the KLU and the endowed chairs aim to provide qualifications for an international logistics elite, the Kühne Foundation runs education projects also in developing and emerging countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. Its objective is to provide the local labour markets with urgently needed logistics professionals.

The Kühne Foundation collaborates with local universities through offering assistance in the design, implementation and delivery of study programmes in logistics and supply chain management. Assistance may include curricula development, train-the-trainer courses, field trips, participation in conferences, PhD opportunities and other activities. In addition, it supports further education of professionals and academic faculties. Together with local partners modular, customised logistics trainings and seminars are offered. The purpose is to train local education experts as trainers so that eventually short-term education support can be handed-over to local universities or training centres.


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