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Dr. Andre Kreie is a Business Economist and holds a PhD and Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK. Prior to joining the Kühne Foundation, he gained further work experience in the supply chain business with a globally operating logistics service provider and worked as project manager for logistics design and operations with a leading European DIY-retailer. Dr Kreie has been teaching intensively in business programs at different universities and further education institutions and his research interest is in organizational and network learning, and supply chain risk management to enable the adaptations of logistical systems to a changing environment. Dr Kreie won the International Emerald/EFDM Outstanding Doctoral Research Award for his PhD thesis on “The Adaptation of Supply Chains to Climate Change”. Present activities for the Kühne Foundation involve global projects in advanced and higher education in logistics with a particular focus on university capacity building.

Dr. Daniel Henao Zapata
Global Program Manager
Tel.: +49 160 9946 7108
daniel.zapata@kuehne-foundation.org https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-henao-zapata-phd-8564296b/

Dr. Daniel Zapata holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Developing Countries from Leuphana University (Germany), and a PhD in HR Psychology from the University of Valencia (Spain). Daniel is actively engaged and vocationally oriented towards sustainability, supply chain management education, entrepreneurship and innovation, and empowerment and gender equality in developing countries. Before joining the foundation, he worked as a consultant for the World Bank and as adjunct lecturer at Leuphana University. Daniel has been working on international development initiatives in more than a dozen of countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia (currently focusing on East Africa). Before his start at the foundation, his work as a consultant at the World Bank, earned him the Vice President Unit Team Award for “Innovating to Promote Female Entrepreneurship in Mexico”. When “out of duty”, he enjoys climbing, running, travelling, and engagement in social entrepreneurship activities. Dr. Zapata has been working at the foundation since 14 of May 2018.

Dr. Julia Kleineidam
Senior Program Manager
Tel.: +49 151 5203 2102
julia.kleineidam@kuehne-foundation.org https://www.linkedin.com/in/julia-kleineidam-3b607b150/

Dr. Julia Kleineidam is an industrial engineer and holds a PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from TU Berlin. After completing her Master's degree at TU Berlin in 2015, she worked for two years in an IT consultancy and managed various IT and digitalization projects. At the same time, she worked as a guest lecturer at TU Berlin. In 2017, she joined the Chair of Logistics at TU Berlin as a research assistant. There she taught logistics and supply chain management, led research projects in East Africa, and did her PhD on food loss management in East African food value networks. Dr. Julia has been with the LEED-Program since September 2023, and focuses specifically on projects in Ethiopia, and overall research related to sustainable agro-logistics.

Frederik Pfretzschner has an undergraduate degree in transport economics and holds an M.Sc. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh (United Kingdom). Currently, Frederik is undertaking his PhD studies at Heriot-Watt University with a particular focus on the role of knowledge and organizational learning in the context of new service development in logistics service providers. Prior to joining the Kühne Foundation, Frederik worked as project manager at the German Logistics Association (BVL). Besides multiple years of professional experience in the logistics industry, his work history also includes working as teaching assistant at the German Academy for Foreign Trade and Logistic (DAV) and Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Outside of the office, Frederik is passionate about different sports (running, soccer, climbing) and enjoys travelling.

Wolf-Christian Noske is a German logistics professional with comprehensive international work experience in the commercial and humanitarian sector. He holds a Bachelor Degree in “International Business Logistics and Management” as well as a Master Degree in “Development and Emergency Practice”, from Oxford Brookes University in the UK. Mr. Noske has worked as Project Manager in High Value Supply Chain operations with one of the leading global Logistics Service Providers. In 2011 Mr. Noske joined the German Red Cross as Senior Logistics Delegate for the recovery phase of the Red Cross earthquake operation in Haiti. Since 2014 Mr. Noske has been working for the Kühne Foundation on the design and implementation of the Logistics & Supply Chain Capacity Building Programs in the East-African Region.

Jorida Gjergji
Research Associate & Treasurer Kühne Foundation Tanzania
Tel.: +49 176 557 956 89
Jorida.gjergji@kuehne-foundation.org https://de.linkedin.com/in/jorida-gjergji-321475216/

Jorida Gjergji obtained her degree “Master of Laws (LL.M.)” in European and European Legal Studies at the University of Hamburg in Germany. Prior to joining the Kuehne Foundation in December 2019, Jorida worked as Project Assistant for “Improvement and Expansion of Financial Services in Rural Albania,” a project implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Rabobank, EFSE, and FED invest. She has also worked as a Research Assistant in Education Policy for Harvard GSD-Tirana Fellowship, supported by the Department of Urban Planning and Design at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Jorida studied law at the University of Tirana, Albania. Her expertise lies in the law of international organizations and financial services in developing countries. Another area of interest is Logistics and Supply Chain Capacity Building Programs in Eastern Africa and associated financial flow and reporting. Jorida has been actively involved in advocacy and civic engagement, mainly supporting local capacity building, community empowerment, and democratic governance.

Africa, East Africa

Dr. Lester Brian Shawa
Regional Education Manager East Africa & Chairman Kuehne Foundation Tanzania
Tel.: +278 13 55 61 37
lester.shawa@kuehne-foundation.org https://www.linkedin.com/in/lester-brian-shawa-phd-32325b29/

Dr. Shawa has a PhD (HE), an MSS (Development Studies) and an MEd (Education Policy Studies). He has more than 17 years of work experience in university teaching, research and management. His rare combination of expertise in higher education studies (policy, governance, management, curriculum, pedagogy and quality discourses); international development; policy discourses and teacher education give him great technical insight into how education systems can be utilized in furtherance of development. As part of the LEED Team, Dr. Shawa works with universities across the region to support the development of supply chain education in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa, Ethiopia

Africa, Tanzania

Beatrice Aron Millu
Country Coordinator & Executive Secretary Kuehne Foundation Tanzania
Tel.: +255 75 69 13 120
beatrice.millu@kuehne-foundation.org https://www.linkedin.com/in/beatrice-millu-ab518589/?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Aprofile_view_index_index%3BJEqGqPC%2FS9yIHRH4cbbPlQ%3D%3D

Beatrice holds a MSc in International Transport and Logistics form University of Dar Es Salaam Business School (UDBS) and acquired a number of advanced local and International certificates in the area of logistics and supply chain management. Prior to joining Kühne Foundation in 2018 as Country Education Coordinator, Beatrice hold various positions with the International Maritime Agency Tanzania (IMA), ORYX Energies, RURU Logistics, Red Cross Tanzania, and the World Food Program (UNWFP). Besides her current managerial role for the logistics education program, Beatrice currently pursues her PhD in logistics and supply chain management.

Africa, Nigeria

Akut Stephen
Country Coordinator Nigeria
Tel.: +234 705 333 6055
akut.stephen@kuehne-foundation.org https://www.linkedin.com/in/akut-stephen-17789a3b

Akut Stephen possesses a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy, and earned various Postgraduate Diplomas and Certificates in Management incl. the CSCP from APICS. He is currently concluding an MSc in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management with a UK-based university. Prior to starting working for Kühne Foundation in 2017, Akut has actively been involved in the professional development of talents in the field of logistics and supply chain management with a focus on the health sector in English speaking sub-Saharan African countries. He consulted various private and public organizations and helped to transform their logistics operations to a more efficient and effective performance. Early 2020, Akut was appointed Country Education Coordinator for all higher and vocational education capacity building projects in Nigeria.

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