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Logistics Education – Emerging & Developing Countries (LEED) is a unit of the Kühne Foundation, based in Switzerland, which supports capacity building in logistics and supply chain management (LSCM) in developing countries. LEED targets regions in which public or private funding and local resources are not capable of delivering the necessary LSCM education and/or satisfy high quality standards.

We envision a world without talent shortages in logistics and supply chain management in order to enable global trade and resilient economies. Excellence in logistics competences can lower trade costs, and help countries to become more resilient and remain competitive globally.

We provide local (higher) education opportunities for logistics and supply chain managements, and believe that only local capacity building programs will be able to address specific country needs and requirements to facilitate international aid and economic development sustainably.

Our legacy is to close the identified talent gap by providing technical assistance and financial support for long-term higher education LSCM activities in developing and emerging countries. Our education partners will have accumulated the necessary knowledge and resources in order to run LSCM degree programs independently from third party support and at international standards.


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