Kühne Foundation

Workstream I

Transport and Logistics for the Low-Carbon Society of 2050

The climate crisis requires and drives a rapid transformation of our society: reducing emissions to net zero and adapting to the impacts of a new climate reality are the major tasks of our times, across all countries and sectors of the economy. By 2050, we must – and can – build a more equitable and prosperous low-carbon society.  

Transport and logistics will play a key role in the transition. It will have to contribute to emission reductions through its own low-carbon development. But transport and logistics can also act as a facilitator of the transition, supporting green and sustainable development, and serving the new needs of people, industry, and society towards achieving the climate targets. Therefore, new investments and skills, and new regulations will be needed. 

The Kühne Climate Center’s work on ‘Transport and Logistics for the Low-Carbon Society of 2050’ strives to lay out the structural changes in the economy to which transport and logistics will need to adapt, the capacities the sector has to develop, and the opportunities it can seize to enable sustainable development at the global and local scale. 


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